I Know A Safe Place Summer 2019/2020

                     written and illustrated by Marjorie Kay

'I Know A Safe Place'  is an actual account of events as they unfolded during Summer 2019/2020 in the forest west of Balmoral Village, situated in the Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia.

The Green Wattle Creek Fire became a massive fire front heading straight towards 'our safe place'. The introduction recounts Marnie's first hand experiences of that terrifying catastrophic event which destroyed 20 homes in Balmoral Village alone.

In this delightfully modern narrative, utilising miniature illustrations to identify each character, the animals tell their story about how they grouped together in order to help each other escape the impending danger.

The hero is a horse named Ari, aided by his constant and faithful companion, a sweet little wagtail named Cherrie.

Writing the book has been a way to accept the severity of what happened and move forward, learning from the experience.

The book is available in Full Colour, Black and White plus 21 Colour Pages and Black and White.

Full Colour                                    $39.95

B&W plus 21 Colour Pages        $29.95

Black and White                          $24.95


Free shipping in Australia. O/Seas shipping please contact me by email for cost.






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